Parging refers to the process of applying masonry-based mortar coating to the visible portion of the foundation walls of a building. Its primary goal is to enhance the appeal of your home/office by hiding surface imperfections but it also acts as an extraordinary barrier against harsh weather. This makes it an ideal decoration for all the people of Ottawa because of the extreme climate that we experience in our part of the world.

Although it has some serious benefits, the parging process does have pre-requisites that must be fulfilled to ensure a successful procedure. For instance, the surface that needs to be parged should be free from stains and brittle material. Similarly, parging must be moistened regularly while it is being applied to the walls. The professional team of Pro Parging acknowledge the importance of these necessary conditions and offers excellent Parging services to all our clients in Ottawa.

Damaged or missing parging can result in some serious complications. Cracks and leaks in the walls allow the water to seep into the basement and interior walls of the building which can lead to serious burden on your wallet. In order to avoid such a situation, you must contact a professional parging company and Pro Parging is surely one of the best options in Ottawa.

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