Brick Replacement

In addition to Brick Pointing, Pro Parging also offers Brick Replacement services to our customers in Ottawa. Continuous exposure to natural elements (sunlight, heat, water, and ice) tends to soften up the bricks of a building, which ultimately leads to their disintegration. These missing or broken bricks need to be replaced to ensure that water is not causing any damage to the internal structure by seeping into the foundation walls of your home/office.

At Pro Parging, the process of brick replacement begins by locating all the damaged bricks. Once the examination is complete, we have two possible options at our hand. Firstly, we could try to rebuild each unstable brick and re-color it later to match it with the existing brickwork. If it is not possible for any reason, we need to saw cut around blistered bricks and replace them with matching bricks and mortar to provide a professional finishing to the walls.

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