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Protect your foundation and improve the value and appearance of your home with Pro Parging professional foundation parging services. Pro Parging also provides services in the area of brick-pointing and brick replacement, as well as foundation repair and waterproofing.

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Inadequate, damaged or missing parging can lead to cracks and leaks in your home’s foundation and infiltration of water into your interior walls and basement, all of which can lead to potentially expensive repairs.

Protect your foundation and improve the value and appearance of your home with Pro Parging professional parging services.

Brick Pointing

Brick Pointing involves removing cracked, eroded or missing mortar between brick or stone joints and replacing it with new mortar to prevent infiltration of water and ice, which can lead to wood rot, mold and further erosion of the brickwork.

Brick pointing services provided by Pro Parging can repair this damage and advise whether an inspection of your interior walls is necessary.

Brick Replacement

Over time, bricks can become soft due to exposure to the elements, causing them to disintegrate. Missing bricks must be replaced to protect your interior walls from structural damage due to the infiltration of water.

In addition to brick pointing, Pro Parging also provides brick replacement services.

Foundation Repair And Waterproofing

Prolonged exposure to the elements can cause cracks and holes in your foundation, allowing water into your home and potentially leading to wood rot, mold and structural damage to interior walls.

Pro Parging uses the latest methods and materials to deal with foundation damage before it can lead to more expensive repairs.

Interlock Re-levelling

Over time, interlock and paving stones can settle and become uneven. In addition to being unsightly, there is the potential for the homeowner to be exposed to liability if an accident occurs.

Pro Parging also provides expert interlock re-levelling services.

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